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Brad Martin, PharmD
Kinsey’s Pharmacy, Tyler, Texas

Pharmacy Graduate: 2009

innovative commitment

When COVID-19 caused a hand sanitizer shortage, Brad Martin, PharmD, developed a solution for his community.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave compounding pharmacies permission to produce alcohol-based sanitizer under a standing order from a local physician to help address the shortage. Initially, Martin contacted a local winery and spirits producer to make ethanol-based sanitizer. However, demand quickly outpaced production.

Brad Martin, PharmD
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Martin switched gears, contacting a nearby gas company licensed to produce large amounts of ethanol. He then found a Seattle company selling denatured alcohol, specifically for hand sanitizer and disinfectant use. The next step was to acquire an industrial alcohol use permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau along with a temporary FDA manufacturer permit.

Local partnerships in Martin’s hometown supplied distilled water, financial support and legal guidance as production began. In the first week, 8,400 gallons were produced. Martin’s patients, residents of Tyler and even hospitals in New York benefitted from his innovation.

“The most exciting outcomes of this effort have been the support from our neighbors and the opportunity to showcase the service and commitment found in independent pharmacies,” he said. — Jo Grant Langston